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W.I.L.E.S. Commercial Cleaning started over 30 years ago with $20 worth of cleaning supplies and has grown into...

"Your company delivers a service that is reliable, orderly & honest!"

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W.I.L.E.S. guarantees that we never fail to provide your with "Spotless & Secured" service, every cleaning - or it's FREE!...

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For over 30 years we have provided our clients with not just a clean facility, but a healthy clean environment.  Our knowledgeable and diligent Cleaning Techs use a hospital grade disinfectant for all of our wet wiping in your facility. This includes touch points, such as desks and counter-tops, light switches, door handles, faucets and hand rails to name a few. This one-step disinfectant cleaner is effective against a wide variety of micro organisms including viruses, bacteria and pathogens.

And be sure to ask about the newest weapon in fending off germs ...... The Clorox Total 360 System