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  • We are a Woman-owned & Locally Operated for almost 30 Years
  • Our contracts are tailored to your exact needs
  • We are fully Insured and Bonded
  • We can perform all your carpet care and hard floor care cleaning needs

We will never fail to provide you with

  • We perform 2 interviews and a comprehensive background check in our recruiting process
  • Multiple employment requirements must be met in our screening process
  • 30 day training period in your facility and done by management only
  • All cleaning techs must sign a Client Confidentiality  Agreement
  • We have less than a 40% annual turn over rate in an industry that experiences a 300 - 500% annual employee turn over rate

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In Addition

~ Robinwood Dental Center.

Secured Cleaning

How We Do It

Our Clients

Spotless Cleaning

  • A Spring Cleaning program 52 weeks a year
  • We are skilled in creating "Sterile" Environments
  • Expertise with medical facilities
  • 52 point inspections by Management Staff
  • Weekly restocking of buildings with clean rags and mop heads which are laundered to CDC guidelines
  • We use anti-bacterial cleaner for all our daily wet wiping which includes all your key touch points
  • We can create and maintain special dust free environments

"Spotless & Secured" 

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​​With Our Clean Smart Technology:

Did You Know?

"It's lovely to not have our staff complaining about the cleaning company not doing their job!"

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