We staff a variety of parttime positions with different total weeklyhours workedd.  What's your passion?.

We Offer:

  • ·Paid Holidays
  •  Work Monday - Friday - NO WEEKENDS
  •  Employee benefits at 60 days include Teledoc (call a doctor for a diagnosis & prescription of common ailments the   usually have us running  to urgent care, and it covers everyone that lives in your home no matter their age.)
  •  Holiday pay after 60 days
  •  Flexible Clock In Times


" I started working with Wiles Cleaning two years ago to help me get back on track financially and I have continued to work because my
​co-workers are great and I am able to work flexible hours due to my other job and life in general "

W.I.L.E.S. belives each employee contributes to the company growth.  Our "Family First" attitude has allowed us to have one of the lowest turn-over rates in the industry. .We work hard to make you comfortable, confident and happy.

Part Time Evenings Cleaning Tech - Hagerstown, MD

Other Jobs:

  • Support Tech
  • Tech Trainer / Building Inspector
  • Inventory Coordinator
  • Assistant Manager.

We understand theunique challenges we all face every payday.  We also understand the struggles of looking for a part time job or supplemental invome that fits in with your busy schedule.  You shouldn't have to give up your weekends and holidays or deal with ever=changing work schedules that you will find in retail or restaurant work.  And if you also work a daytime job for your primary income.... what do you have left??

W.I.L.E.S. Commercial Cleaning!

Not only do you have weekends off and holidays off with pay (after 60 days), and consistent work schedules, we provide you with benefits that will help make life easier for you and your family, such as Teledoc with free unlimited use for everyone in your household.  And we'll teach you our unique cleaning system that literally take the chore out of the job! Plus we provide you wwigth a safe and comfortable environment to work in. Most importantly, WE KEEP OUR PROMISES TO YOU.

As an employer of part time help, we provide so much more that even you will have a hard time believing it!


"Very supportive and approachable management! They work as hard as we do."

"W.I.L.E.S. took the time to show me    how to do my job effectively and efficiently. They made me feel very welcome too."


(301) 791-0876