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Part Time Evenings  Cleaning Tech - Frederick

Supply Tech

"Very supportive and approachable management! They work as hard as we do."

"W.I.L.E.S. took the time to show me    how to do my job effectively and efficiently. They made me feel very welcome too."

Field Tainer

We Offer:

  • ·Paid Holidays
  •  Work Monday - Friday - NO WEEKENDS
  •  Employee benefits at 60 days include Teledoc (call a doctor for a diagnosis & prescription of common ailments the   usually have us running  to urgent care, and it covers everyone that lives in your home no matter their age.)
  •  Holiday pay after 60 days
  •  Flexible Clock In Times


Full Time Cleaning Tech

W.I.L.E.S. belives each employee contributes to the company growth.  Our "Family First" attitude has allowed us to have one of the lowest turn-over rates in the industry. .

Part Time Cleaning Tech  Early Morning - Hagerstown.

Part Time Evenings Cleaning Tech - Hagerstown

We have over 30 years of proven experience in the nightly cleaning of all types of commercial buildings, especially medical facilities. Our unique W.I.L.E.S. Spotless & Secured cleaning confidently allows us to create and maintain sanitary work environment for our clients, their staff and customers