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I created a business model that puts the family first.  I started my company almost 30 years ago out of frustration with the lack of employer flexibility.  I needed to work to support my family AND I needed to be there for my family.  My company allows the individual to put those important family moments first, like family dinner, baseball games and date nights, and the opportunity to supplement their family income too.

In an industry that conservatively has a 300 - 500% annual employee turnover rate, we have maintained a 40% or less employee turnover rate.  Our focus is on nurturing a knowledgeable, confident and happy employee.  With this foundation, the employee more than meets the expectations of our customers.

The success of our business model is evident when our clients welcome our employees into their own working families.  Some examples: The Director of Nursing of one of our clients mentored one of our employees through nursing school, who went on to become Valedictorian of his class.  Another client collected $300 from their own staff and took our employee Christmas shopping for her kids.  She is a single mom of 3 that was working and trying to finish college too.  Another client invited my employee and his family to their company picnic at a national baseball game, all expenses paid.

Family is the most important thing in our lives.  I like to think my company is a stepping stone to help families reach their personal goals. This positive environment  and support system that we create with our staff also has a ripple effect on the staff of our clients that went beyond even my own expectations.  A client said it best when they shared how our staff has helped raise the moral of their own staff.

It is a beautiful thing to watch this "change of heart" transformation with each new employee and with each new client.  Their achievements become our success story!

W.I.L.E.S. doesn't just perform "Spotless & Secured" cleaning, we affect people.

~ Facility Cleaning Decisions Managers of Distinction nomination acticle

Summer 2016



Our Clients

~ Staples Distribution      Center

"Thanks for being sensitive to our needs. W.I.L.E.S. makes us look good and reinforces the message we give our associates of how we support our people.  I am Pleased to see W.I.L.E.S. go the extra mile."here.

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(301) 791-0876